Welcome to Faith-Based Nonprofit Organization !


Fait is not just about the religious aspect of the word. But also about the true sense of living life and caring for others. At Great River Faith Works we put the needs of others and our neighbours above us. We specially take pride in looking after the elderly and families in need so that they can achieve all the assistance required.

Whether it is about caring for someone's physical, emotional, or social need you can always depend upon our non-profit organisation to deliver only the best. We allow volunteers from the neighbourhood itself to work along with the clients. So that it is easy to uplift the spirits of the residents of the community.

The entire aim is to allow people to connect on a deeper level with their community and neighbours. Since it is a non-profit organisation all our services are extended for free and are available for everyone in need. This means whether you are a family with kids or an elderly individual, you can always get in touch with us with your requirements.

In case you're looking to know more about the different types of services and the objective of our association make sure that you read the about us page thoroughly.
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