Welcome to Faith-Based Nonprofit Organization !

About Us

The Great River Faith Works Nonprofit Association is situated in Minneapolis Minnesota. It is a faith based organisation which was developed to do outreach work for the communities of the area. The organisation mainly works with donations weather in the form of money or precious time given by the volunteers. To give you a better idea about this association here are the basic details put together.

Our Aim

The overall aim of the organisation is to provide professional help to the residents of the communities. For this we work alongside with churches, volunteers, and other families who already work for their neighborhood. This is done so that the community can connect on a greater level and emerge as a strong group of people.
We believe that every individual can make a difference in someone's life which is why we have come up with the concept of We Care Team. This gives people the opportunity to help someone in need and make their life much simpler. Whether it is helping people with their day to day chores or something big it can all be done with the help of your neighbours.

What We Do

There are a variety of services that we provide at Great River Faith Works. Here is a list of all the things that you can count on us for assistance with.
  • Transportation


    Senior citizens of the community can depend on us for rides to the hospital and even grocery stores. This makes it easy for them as they can visit places with someone they trust.

  • Companion services

    Companion services

    We understand that it is not possible for one person to give care to an elderly 24 hours which is why we schedule friendly visits for such citizens. It can be in the form of in-person or even telephonic.

  • Yard Work

    Yard Work

    Our volunteers want to make a difference to your lifestyle as well which is why throughout the year we provide seasonal yard work which includes snow removal, lawn mowing, and raking leaves.

  • Home Maintenance

    Home Maintenance

    In case you're looking to upgrade your bathroom with grab-bars or complete a simple home repair then you can get in touch with us at Great River Faith Works.

  • Donating Furniture

    Donating Furniture

    We have special projects where we collect furniture whether old or new from people and donate them to individuals or families who are in need.

After reading about what we do and how we do it in case you want to get in touch with us then you can contact us at the below address.